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Cashnhits Review – Established Site | Paying for over 3 Years

Things we do like about CashNhits.com:

Well Managed Site – CashNhits has been online and paying since August 2009. For a PTC site, it is very important how long it has been online and paying. Most PTC sites do not last that long. Cashnhits has passed the test of time and has proven to be a stable site.

Paying – CashNhits currently is paying without serious issues. Payments are processed and issued within 3-7 days of request, usually within 72 hours.

On the links below you can find payment proofs from other users:

Payment proofs on CashNhits forum
CashnHits Payment proofs on TalkPTC forum
CashnHits Payment proofs on eMoneySpace forum

Low Minimum Withdrawal – Minimum $0.60 to cashout via Paypal and $2.50 to cashout via Payza. It is not fixed minimum, they have introduced stepped withdrawal program.

Unlimited Referral System – There is no limit to the number of people you can refer to the site, which is excellent opportunity for members that are able to gain referrals. If you build big and active downline, then you could earn extra pocket money with no hard additional effort.

Wide Range of Earning Features – You can earn money in few different ways like viewing ads, reading emails, watching Youtube videos, Facebook likes, signing up on other sites, autosurfing, promoting the website and few more.

Forum – Cashnhits does have a forum. In our opinion, a PTC site should have a forum. The forum is a place for communication between members and staff. Members can share their experience on the forum, post their success stories, post payment proofs, get support and stay informed about the recent changes made to the site. Usually, on the forum you can notice the first red flags. If members complain about non-payments or payment delays, then most likely the site is experiencing serious problems.

What we do not like about Cashnhits.com:

Cashviews – a failed scam site? – Their sister site Cashviews was closed without paying the members. The site is down for months and members still are waiting to be paid. The owner have said that he will clear the debt. We’ll wait and see what happens.

  • Important Info About the Site
  • Number of Ads: 35+/-
  • Daily earnings without referrals: +/- $0.08
  • Pay per Referral Click – 10% from PTC Ads clicked.
  • Autosurf: Basically, when you click the autosurf button, it will open a pop-up window which will Auto-Surf through the Ads and you do not have to do anything else. You can Surf 250 Ads per day and you will get $ 0.00014 per view that means total earning per day will be $0.035.
  • PTSU Offers – You can earn by signing up on other sites. Every offer takes 14 days or less to complete. There are more that 420 PTSU offers available.
  • Click Exchange – The click exchange allows you to click for unique traffic rather than cash. When you click, you will receive a 5/4 ratio, meaning you will get 4 unique hits for every 5 links you click. While you surf, you can earn cash prizes, ptc ad credits, banner credits, points and more.
  • Paid to Promote – You earn $0.0003 for every unique and valid hit to your referral link.
  • Sign up Bonus – After registering, you will get a bonus of 500 banner ad credits and 50 traffic exchange credits.
  • Blog – As a member you have an opportunity to create a free blog where you can list your favorite ptc programs and promote your own blog. No html knowledge is required. This feature is free and the blog will be hosted at Cashnhits server.
  • Cashout Options and Conditions – All payments are made via Payza and Paypal. The minimum to cashout is $0.60 (Paypal) and $2.50 (Payza) for the first cashout and does increase after each cashout. See the table below for the requirements for all other cashouts. From the amount paid, a fee can be deducted depending on the payment processor you use.
    Cashnhits cashout methods and requirements
  • Inactive Accounts Suspension – After 30 days of inactivity your account earnings will be cleared. If an account is inactive for 60 days your earning, referrals and advertising credits will be cleared.
  • Owners: Saket Asati (India) & Julia Backman (Finland) – Same owners of CashTream
  • Script: AuroraGpt 4

General Conclusion:

CashNhists is over 3 years old and paying paid to click program. Using this site, you can earn a little additional income, but you will not get rich. This is not get rich quick scheme! In our opinion, it’s a safe site to use and a good earning opportunity, especially if you are able to build big and active downline. Cashnhits has been placed on our Established PTC Sites List.

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