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MotoClixx Review – Legit or Scam? | New PTC Program


MotoClixx is paid to click program running on nTen script. At Motoclixx users can earn money online by viewing advertisement links. Additionally, there is a referral program in place that allow users to earn commissions from the activity of their downline (rented and direct referrals). Recently they have launched sub-domain section with additional earning features, such as Offer Walls and Mini jobs. You can access this section at offers.motoclixx.com. If you want to complete offers there, you will have to register on the sub-domain, because Motoclixx Offers is running on different script (Clixscript). Shorthly after the launch of the sub-domain, they have decreased the click rates at MotoClixx from $0.005 to $0.001. Even though MotoClixx just turned a year old, for now it will remain on the Test/New PTC sites list due to the recent changes.

Things we do like about MotoClixx.com:

Paying – So far, MotoClixx is paying its users without major problems. Payza payments are processed and issued instantly while Paypal manually, once daily. On the links below you can find payment proofs from other users:

Payment Proofs on MotoClixx Forum
MotoClixx Payment Proofs on eMoneyspace Forum

Instant payments – Payments through Payza are send within seconds after request. Paypal payments are performed once daily. A payout policy that users prefer the most, no need to check your payment processor account every day to see if you have received your payment.

Free Worldwide Service – MotoClixx does not have any registration restrictions, individuals from all over the world are allowed to join the site and earn with it. Users are not obligated to pay anything in order to earn and receive payments.

Forum – They have a forum. In our opinion, a PTC site should have a forum. The forum is a place where members and staff can communicate with each other. Members can post their success stories or doubts, post payment proofs, share the experience that they had with the site, ask for support and stay informed about the recent changes made to the site. Usually, on the forum you can notice the first signs if something is wrong. If members complain about non-payments or payment delays, then most likely the site is experiencing problems.

What we do not like about motoclixx.com:

New Site – Generally, we do not recommend buying memberships on new sites (under a year old). Many of them turn into a non-paying sites. In our opinion, it is better to wait some time until the site proves that it is stable and sustainable, rather than invest in the early phase and risk to lose your investment if the site stops paying. Be sure to test a new site if you plan to invest upfront. It is very important to do your research before doing so.

Takes Long Time to Earn – They have decreased the click rates from $0.005 to $0.001 as well as the direct referral earnings. For standard members who are solely clicking on their own it will be hard to earn. Even if you focus on referral commissions to build up your balance, it will not help you much – standard members are limited at maximum 50 direct referrals which makes the earning potential somewhat low and limited.

A Bux Program – More or less, MotoClixx can be categorized as a Bux site. For most bux sites, the main source of income is from selling memberships and renting referrals. Usually, at the beginning there will be sufficient income gained from members investments or rentals, and the site can pay its members without issues, but as time marches on, more and more investors will start making profits, and very likely the site will be in a situation to owe more to members than the generated income, because usually there is no big base of advertisers that will compensate the difference in the cash flow. Bux sites can’t sustain on the long run with high click rate self-sponsored ads. What do you think, why Motoclixx decreased the value of their self-sponsored ads?

The "bux” model has been proven many times as unsustainable. So, be sure to test a bux site and do your research if you plan to invest money. There is a high risk involved in such investments. Either you will get profit, or you will lose your investment if the site stop paying. Bux site heavily relies on selling upgrades or referrals to pay members, and in most cases the main advertiser is the admin himself. Typically, a bux site will lack of advertising revenue, which is why they tend to collapse.

  • Important Info About the Site
  • Number of Ads: 4+/-
  • Average Daily Earnings Without Referrals: $0.004 +/-
  • Earnings per Own and per Referral Clicks

    motoclixx earnings per own and referrals clicks
    The clicks you earn from referrals are directly related to the clicks you make. You must click the minimum number of required ads daily to earn from your referrals the day after. Standard and Pioneer members must click at least 4 advertisements.

  • Cashout Options and Conditions – All payments are made via Payza or Paypal. The minimum to cashout is $2.00 on the first payout and this amount will increase by $1.00 for each next cashout until it reaches a fixed minimum of $10.00. From the amount paid, a fee can be deducted depending on the payment processor you use. You can only request an unlimited amount to be paid to the payment processor you’ve used to make the most of your purchases in monetary amount. The maximum amount you can request to the other payment processors is equal to the value of the purchases you’ve made through them individually.
  • Incentivized Signups Prohibited – Any member found to be offering any incentive, such as refback, extra commissions, sign-up offers, referral exchange etc… will have their account terminated irrevocably.
  • Inactive Accounts Suspension – After 30 days of inactivity, your account will be temporarily suspended and permanently suspended after 60 days of inactivity.
  • Script: nTeN v1.1.4
  • Owner: Unknown / Hidden ownership in whois data

Bottom Line:

MotoClixx is a PTC site launched in June, 2012 and currently they are paying without issues. MotoClixx claims to be a "innovation in motion”, but to be honest, I don’t see any innovative features there. More or less, they use the same business model which lead many ptc programs to their failure or forced them to change it drastically in order to survive. Consequently, some users will have their doubts about this site, however only the time will tell us if the manage to become a long-lasting PTC program. For now, Motoclixx will remain on our Test list.

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