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YoulikeHits Review|Free Social Promotion

YouLikeHits is a new Service that was just developed and launched to support you to get Free Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers, YouTube Views, Digg Followers, StumbleUpon Followers and Website Hits!

It works genuinely effectively and it is put together in a genuinely effortless to use way.

How it works:

You add your Internet site and then you go to your settings and set a point value that you are willing to pay out for your respective ‘hit’ (Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers, YouTube Views, Digg Followers, StumbleUpon Followers and Website Hits). The point payout is from 2 points to 10 points. It is up to you how considerably you are willing to pay out.

Naturally the greater the points you payout the far more you will get out of the method. It is surely worth checking out although. Get pleasure from it! Let us know what you feel about it.

How to Earn Points
There are 4 different ways to earn points.
#1 Earn Points by Following, Liking, etc.
In order to earn points this way just click on one of the Tabs to the left of this page. If you're wanting to Like YouTube videos for Points then click on the "YouTube Likes" tab. From there you will either be instructed on how to continue or you will receive a list of videos to interact with. The "Points" listed under each page is how many points you will receive for Liking that video.
#2 Earn Points by Buying Them
If your time is important to you then this might be the best option for you. You can purchase points by going to this page. All points purchased will be added to your account within 24 hours of your payment clearing. We accept both PayPal and Google Checkout.
#3 Earn Points by Referrals
You can earn points for telling your friends, family or customers about YouLikeHits. Just use your "Referral Link" when sending then to the site. You will receive 150 Points for each person that signs up to YouLikeHits from a different internet connection. They must earn some points and use YouLikeHits for a little while before you get your points though.
#4 Earn Points by Daily Bonus
We also offer a daily bonus each day. You can earn this daily bonus just by logging in every day and meeting some prerequisites. The green link is right above this page.

How do I get Followers, Likes?
In order to get Followers, Likes, etc you must have points saved up. You'll also need to have your account, page, etc attached to your YouLikeHits account. To add your content hover over the section that relates to what you want to add and click on the . For example if you want to add a YouTube Video to get Likes then just hover over the in the "YouTube Likes" tab. Once you add content to your account make sure to set a "Payout". We will explain what a "Payout" is in the next section.

What is a Payout?
A Payout is how many points you're willing to spend per follower, like, etc. For example if you set your Payout to 10 on a YouTube Video then you will spend 10 Points for each Like you receive. The higher your Payout is the faster you will gain followers, likes, etc. The lower your Payout the slower you will gain followers, likes, etc. Make sure to turn off your Payout if you don't want to spend points. It's also important to note that all activity will be logged on your History page.

Join YouLikeHits Now!

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4 WittyJoe.com  
https://WittyJoe.com - I use the same methods! I think your article is great!

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3 Michael  
How long does it take a hit, view or like to post to your page?

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2 Shanish  
now another major issue, page is alive and your site can't able to find that, is this revenge because i have sent you too many bugs,


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1 shanish kumar  
BUG ON TWEETS SECTION, you guys are doing fraud with users and doesn't give point after tweeting, check this video : http://screencast.com/t/xavSwPHe3

i am going to post this as feedback for your site and as well do SEO for that kind of corruption.

Google circle and rest many things also having bugs... sorry major bugs which are ruining users time and money.
for getting points from "Claim free points daily" (http://prntscr.com/4od1by) user must have to do at least 50 Twitter Follows, Instagram Follows or YouTube Subscribes/Video Likes to be rewarded below!

and i have tried by twitter following, counter is not increasing after twitter follow so how can i claim for daily bonus points.

BUG video : http://screencast.com/t/4ibjoJJV

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